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Dalala-Grace Center

A Purpose...

The term Dalala is an Arab term for umbrella. An umbrella is versatile as it provides shade from the sun and keeps us dry during the rain.  Therefore, for us, Dalala is synonymous with protection from anything harmful, and it is also a shade which refreshes. Dalala illustrates God’s various expressions of love, particularly as a protector, a refuge and a guardian of his people. This is how we see the Dalala-Grace Center: a place of refuge to refresh and prepare local pastors for the work of shepherding their flocks.

A Legacy...

DALALA is also an acronym derived from the names of four people who have influenced Abel Ndjerareou, our founder’s, ministry in a special way:  René DAidanso, André LAondoye, Ernest LArson. Each of these individuals in some way has provided material, financial, moral and spiritual influences that have led to the vision for this ministry. The full name Dalala-Grace is completed by the name of Grace Kemp a dear friend and supporter for many years.

Daidanso, René

Daidanso was the first young man in Chad to respond to God’s call to ministry at the eve of the Chadian independence. He was the first young man in the country to return home, after receiving theological education in France, to faithfully serve the Lord in his home country until his death. He was Abel’s mentor and a colleague in ministry.

Laondoye, André

Laondoye was Abel’s father. He came to know the Lord in 1935 through a literacy class reading Mark 8:36-37 “What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” He undertook biblical studies in a vernacular Bible school founded by missionaries in 1945 and began his ministry as an evangelist. He served the Lord until his death in 2003. Abel came to know the Lord through his father’s ministry.

Larson, Ernest

Larson is Abel’s spiritual father and benefactor in ministry who shared his vision for grassroots pastoral training in French speaking Africa. He served as a missionary Eye Surgeon in Democratic Congo. There he witnessed the lack of training for dedicated pastors serving in rural areas. Upon his return to the United States, he began a ministry to train and care for these pastors. He shared his vision with Abel and provided full support to organize a group of Bible teachers, design a curriculum, and write teaching materials for trainers throughout French-speaking Africa.

Kemp, Grace

Grace Kemp was Abel’s sister in Christ, a Canadian missionary who began a ministry among the youth in Chad. She ministered to Abel in 1968, while he was in high school and running away from the Lord. Her ministry was timely and encouraged him to learn the Word of God. As she was leaving the mission field in 1972 she provided the first funding for Abel’s doctoral studies in the United States. She was a faithful servant of the Lord in Chad, as well as in Canada, until her death in 2015.    

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