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2018 Visit to Taboloman School

It was such a joy to see these children, full of life, grateful and welcoming...

Reuben and children.jpg

Ben Keirn (ANIM board member) and I visiting with the principal and one the teachers.


Some students came to see the visitors from the big city. Me and my sister Minga.


The moment my sense of duty deepened and that I am privileged to be part of continuing a legacy. Thank you, Jesus.


A look from the outside of a classroom.


Discussing the hopes and challenges with the principal and one of the teachers.


2020 Visit to Taboloman School

February - March 2020: Foundation laid to build 4 classrooms. It was an emotional moment to see the foundation of the first brick school building.

Taboloman 2020_001.jpg

I was encouraged to see the contribution of the local community who donated bricks and gravel as well as labor. The local community has shown great buy-in and participation.

Taboloman 2020_003.jpg

The financial amount that was donated was originally for 2 classrooms.

building construction - March.jpg

The goal is to put several brick buildings to replace all the grass structures.

Taboloman 2020_007.jpg

I took pictures with the primary school teachers after spending some quality time with them.  

Taboloman 2020_002.jpg

April 2020: The walls have gone up! The next phase is to put on the roof and the doors.

Taboloman 1.jpg

It is impressive that they are stretching the finances to include 2 additional classrooms.

school construction #3.jpg

There are over 600 primary school students and 200 secondary school students. We are anticipating another 4-5 buildings

Taboloman 2020_008.jpg
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