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Dalala-Grace Center

The vision for Dalala-Grace Center is in direct response to the growing needs of those who have obediently followed God’s call to servant leadership. This education center is designed to equip, train, and care for pastors and other church leaders serving in rural Africa. 

Cultivating Christian Education

We provide training to Christian vocational schools which focuses on purpose-driven education and the development of Christian values. We believe that an education based on strong Christian character will raise a new generation of young people who will impact their community for Christ.  

Training and Equipping Christians

We are training and equipping Christians to live out Kingdom culture where they live and work. This includes working with churches, organizations and lay people in the areas of servant leadership, ethical conduct, good governance, and honorable stewardship.

Promoting African Authorship

A major focus at ANIM is to increase the number of contextualized academic resources available to students, researchers, and the general population by promoting African authorship. We are doing this by seeking out financial resources to provide sabbatical writing opportunities for African leaders, and collaborating with publishing companies who desire to expand and diversify their cultural and ethnic authorship.

Building a Network

We are building network of national and local faith-based organizations to facilitate substantive and sustainable projects on the African continent. We are committed to finding and developing local leaders, increasing the efficiency of services and eliminating overlap of efforts.  This requires relationship-building and effective communication among organizations.

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