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Ecole Taboloman

1st to 6th grades


A private Christian school that serves the children of the many surrounding villages.

  • Where Pastor Abel Ndjerareou attended school. The school is located next to the first church plant in the village of Taboloman.

  • There are presently 200 students

  • Classrooms are made from grass and benches are made from bricks cemented together. The project is to build solid brick structures and wooden desk.

  • $100 covers all aspects of tuition for one student, for one academic school year


Your Contribution: Provides scholarships for student tuition, purchase of school materials and furnishings, building of solid classroom structures and continued hiring of teachers..

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History of Ecole Taboloman

Taboloman is a Ngambaye word that literally translates to “the mouth of the water.” However, its direct meaning would be “the well.” Taboloman is also the same name given to a village of some 6,000 people where the government administration of the region resides. Taboloman came to its initial development in 1948 through the church-planting ministry of André Laondoye. The area began to be occupied by people from neighboring villages who came to hear the Gospel. Eventually, a community began to grow around the church. There were no government schools in the surrounding area. Therefore, the church in Taboloman became a literacy center where believers began to learn to read and to write in the local language. Many local churches, throughout many villages, became literacy centers. It was the Bible that was the main text and in many cases the only text used to help people read!


The creation of the school in Taboloman (K-6th) is a thanksgiving response to God for what he has done in the life of Abel Ndjerareou who began to learn to read and write in his own local language in the church planted by his father. Before continuing in higher education in the French government schools, universities and seminaries, Pastor Abel was trained in “the fear of the Lord” through the local church. The Taboloman School is a response of thanksgiving to God. We believe it is our responsibility as well as our joy to give back. Abel continues to be blessed by the Taboloman School and it is our desire to support the children who lack basic education. Please, become an advocate by sharing with others about the Taboloman School and the sponsorship opportunity.

2022 Goals

•    One building with four classrooms:  $20,000
•    Two buildings in 2022: $40,000
•    Benches, chalk boards, other school materials: $5,000
•    Solar panel water pump and tower (a well has already been installed) : $3,000
•    Operations Cost (1 supervisor, communication, logistics, etc.) $11,000

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