1.  Water pump and tower: Total cost is $2,800.00                    

     a. Local partner support  $400.00

     b. US partner support  $2,400.00        


2.  One building consisting of two classrooms. Each classroom cost $7,900.00 x 2 for a total of $15,800.             First phase will look at completing one classroom at cost of $7,900.00

     a. Local partner support  $2,700.00

     b. US partner support  $5,200.00 

2020 Update

February - March 2020: Foundation laid to build 4 classrooms. It was an emotional moment to see the foundation of the first brick school building.

I was encouraged to see the contribution of the local community who donated bricks and gravel as well as labor. The local community has shown great buy-in and participation.

The financial amount that was donated was originally for 2 classrooms.

The goal is to put several brick buildings to replace all the grass structures.

I took pictures with the primary school teachers after spending some quality time with them.  

April 2020: The walls have gone up! The next phase is to put on the roof and the doors.

It is impressive that they are stretching the finances to include 2 additional classrooms.

There are over 600 primary school students and 200 secondary school students. We are anticipating another 4-5 buildings

311 Cherry St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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